Powerchord Braille Keyboard - $250

Power Chord Braille Keyboard is an economical device that permits users to write in Braille by pressing key combinations (chords) that correspond to Braille characters. The keyboard plugs into the USB port of a PC; there are no power cables or drivers needed. There are nine keys: 6 that represent the dots of a Braille cell, plus space, backspace and enter.

Portset Braillekey Keyboard - $350

The Portset BrailleKey provides an easy and simple solution for adding a Braille Keyboard to a Personal Computer or Laptop. BrailleKey is connected to the USB port and is self registered by the operating system.

The case has a sloped face and a compact size of 8.6 in. (220mm) wide, 4.2in. (111mm) deep, 0.7in.(20mm) front height and 1.6in. (40mm) rear height. This makes it an ideal companion to both desk-top and portable systems.

The 9 keys are arranged in a group of 6 standard Braille input keys in a line, with space, backspace delete and new line keys ergonomically located below the Braille keys. Dot 7 is produced by the new line key providing a shifted character set.