Portset BrailleKey G2

BrailleKey G2 is a revolutionary new solution from Portset to provide Grade 2 Braille input to a Personal Computer or Laptop. Not only are they the principal Braille keys but additional keys provide full cursor control and Ctrl and Alt functions. There are also Corded functions as above and the ability to create Grade 1 Braille.

The 6 Braille input keys are arranged in a standard Braille line, with space, backspace delete and new line keys ergonomically located below the Braille keys. A further lower line of keys provide on the left side, Ctrl and Alt, while on the right side is a cluster of 4 keys giving full cursor control.

Corded functions are provided by incorporating the space bar with a key combination. For example letter A is produced by key 1 and space together. Corded Commands such as ESC or Escape key is key 4,5,6 and space together.