Index Fanfold-D Production Braille Embosser

High production embossing at 330 Characters per second

In a Braille production environment where speed is essential, you can be assured that the Fanfold-D from Index is a perfect fit! Embossing at 330 CPS, this double-sided tractor fed braille embosser is specially designed for high Braille production.

Fanfold-D V5 Video

The principle construction of the FanFold-D is simple. It uses the embossing and electronic modules of the BrailleBox, the feeding mechanism of Basic-D, and the noise reduction technology of Index Acoustic Hoods. The combination of these simple principles leads to an excellent result, the best traditional braille printer ever produced.

The FanFold-D is delivered on a pallet, ready to be used directly.

Easy on-site maintenance

Maintaining your FanFold-D on site can be done without a trained technician. This major step is possible because:

  • No mechanical adjustments are required
  • No lubrication of moving parts. This eliminates the problem of dust and reduces the need for cleaning
  • The complete mechanics for printing module is accessible after opening the glass lid
  • Only a few modules: embossing module with driver electronic board, electronic module with power supply, CPU board, the user interface and a few sensors
  • Sensors and firmware upgrades are shown by light-up text
  • Web interface to monitor embosser status, etc.
  • Remote support from Index factory
  • Exploded view drawings combined with web shop make spare parts accessible for everyone

Technical Highlights

  • 330 characters/second - fastest production braille embosser at this price
  • Reliable tractor-fed paper for high capacity embossing
  • Quality double-sided Braille with high-resolution tactile graphics!
  • Wireless connectivity - onboard wifi, Bluetooth and AirPrint!
  • Automatic magazine format embossing - seamless book printing
  • Sound absorbing case makes it the quiet in office and school environments
  • Easily Networked and quick installation via of USB and/or Ethernet cables
  • Instant Brailler Depot Technical Support available during regular business hours