I've known Knick Johnson and worked with him for a number of years. I wouldn't trust my valuable Index Everest embossers to anybody else. Although Knick sells products he does not try to make anybody buy anything they can't afford or don't really need. He respects older machines an does what he can to keep them running. I hope that Knick Johnson and his Brailler Depot will be around for a long time.

Catherine Thomas, Braille Production Specialist

Brooklyn, New York

"By the way, we had a small crisis with our Everest yesterday, and it seemed like this was going to cause a big headache and delays in shipping our products. However, I called Knick Johnson of Brailler Depot, and, as usual, he came right over and was able to fix the unit in about an hour."

Steve landau, President, Touch Graphics, inc.


"Thanks again, Knick! Your video gave great confidence to my friend, who quickly removed the offending piece of paper from the print head. He put the printer back together, and we ran a test which came out fine. What a relief!"

Blessings on you!, KG, Virginia

"Braille isn't a luxury, it's a necessity! I absorb information much more efficiently if it's in Braille. I am using Braille to write this message. As a teacher and a volunteer who has a hard time saying "no," I couldn't function without Braille; and here Brailler Depot has played a large part. In my work, I use a variety of Braille embossers. After some heart-stopping experiences losing data, I've also learned the importance of hard copies and a Braille embosser to produce them. I was given a Braille embosser. I had no idea how to use it. Based on information I found on-line, I contacted a company. I could get no help because I hadn't bought it from them. Fortunately somewhere I learned about Brailler Depot. Knick helped me so I could provide Braille to people who needed it. Without Knick, that wouldn't have happened. Recently I needed to emboss a final exam. Time was short. The embosser wouldn't function. Knick spent a lot of time with me on the phone until the embosser worked! Countless studies have been done about how businesses could be more efficient. Brailler Depot has the perfect combination: caring, competence and compassion.