MagniLink Read


MagniLink Read is a software from LVI Low Vision International which turns your PC into a reading machine! By scanning a text or opening a saved document, MagniLink Read gives you fast and easy access to get the text read out loud by the included highquality voices.

The program can be used with a scanner, hand scanner or a camera scanner. You can also open documents saved on your PC. MagniLink Read is easy to use and has keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly and easily read a text.

Technical Highlights

  • MagniLink Read comes with the most popular high quality voices.
  • When opened a document saved on your PC or a scanned picture, you can use a variety of functions to simplify your reading and improve you reading speed
  • MagniLink Read contains the latest OCR technology
  • When using MagniLink Read you easily access the scanned text via the user friendly short keys.