PIAF Tactile Machine

Piaf tactile creator

A simple and Fast way to prepare Tactile Graphics. Piaf is a machine that makes raised line drawings on special paper, called capsule or swell paper. Users can draw, print or photocopy pictures onto the swell paper and pass it through the Piaf. The heat of the Piaf causes the lines to swell and then the drawing can be read with the fingers. It is ideal for people who are blind and vision impaired. Piaf is being used in a variety of educational, employment and personal settings.

Instead of using a printer or copier, a user can also draw directly onto this paper using a special black marker. The process is the exact same, as soon as it goes through the machine and reacts with the heat, the black ink will swell.

The machine and the accompanying paper are safe, user-friendly and non-hazardous.