Braille Displays

Braille Edge 40 Braille Display

  • The most powerful and versatile Braille display in its class, with the features of a basic Notetaker! Braille EDGE 40 is not only the most reliable, high-performance refreshable Braille display, it also helps you manage your daily activities.

Smart Beetle 14 Cell Braille Display

  • A Pocket-sized Display that fits your lifestyle and your budget! Smart Beetle is a 14-cell Braille display that brings the world to your fingertips. It's the lightest, most portable Braille display available. Take it with you to school, to work or on vacation and have reliable, discrete access to all of your mobile devices and personal computer systems.

Alva USB 640 Braille Display

  • Have the best reading experience at the lowest price with the ALVA USB640. With this 40-cell Braille display, you can be assured you are getting the highest-resolution Braille cells and all the standard control buttons at the best price!

Alva BC680 Braille Display

  • Get TWO high-quality Braille displays in one with the ALVA BC680. The only 80-cell Braille display that offers simultaneous connectivity to two computers!

EasyLink 12

  • This ultra- portable wireless braille keyboard and display provides full braille access to mainstream mobile devices allowing you to read and write braille anywhere.

Perkins Mini Braille Display

  • The Mini will provide braille input and output for PCs and Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac).

Perkins Braille 40 v5

  • The new Perkins Braille 40 V5 looks and functions just like the version 3 we have all learned to love but with additional features. It can connect by USB cable or Bluetooth - compatible with iDevices. It also supports a USB thumbdrive so you can load a text file or book into the display and use the navigation keys to move through the document.

Perkins Braille 40 v3 (formerly Seika)

  • The most affordable Perkins 40 cell braille display on the market can add braille access to an Apple or Windows computer.
braille 80

Perkins Braille 80 (formerly Seika)

  • This affordable Perkins 80-cell Braille display connects via USB and allows you to read a full 80-cell line at one time on either Apple or Windows computers.