Desktop Video Magnifiers

Magnilink S 3G

Magnilink S Portable Magnifier

    The New Magnilink S Portable Magnifier is the leading reading and distance camera on the market today! It's modern and sleek design makes it easy to carry around in school, work, or at home and can be connected to a MAC, PC or monitor.

i-See Desktop Video Magnifier

i-See Desktop Video Magnifier

    The iSee was developed with Enhanced Definition Technology which produces superior picture clarity. The iSee Desktop Video Magnifier offers adjustable magnification from 4x to 70x and 5 different high-contrast color combinations. It also offers 3 different natural color combinations to suit individual user needs. It offers auto focus and monitor tilting for comfortability.


Magnilink Zip Video Magnifier

    The Magnilink Zip is a stylish, portable CCTV engineered to the highest quality standards. This low vision television weighs just under 18 lbs. The Magnilink Zip comes in a handy carrying case and is available in both black and white versions.

Video Magnifier

LVI Magnilink MIRA Video Magnifier

    The Magnilink Mira video magnifier is for users looking for basic video magnification features combined with modern technology. The Magnilink Mira video magnification system comes with a 19" screen.

Video Magnifier

Magnilink Vision

    MagniLink Vision offers better resolution, brighter colors and image sharpness that is one step ahead. Our cameras with High Resolution and High Definition are beyond any standard solutions, but they are the standard for MagniLink Vision.

Magnifier Low Vision

MagniLink Student Addition

    MagniLink Student Addition is a portable video magnifier with combined reading and distance camera, which makes it ideal for use in schools, universities and offices.

Magnifier Low Vision

Magnilink Student Professional

    MagniLink Student Professional is a portable video magnifier with a combined reading and distance camera, for connection either to a PC or to a computer screen.

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