HandHeld Video Magnifiers

Aumed Eye-C HandHeld Magnifier

  • The Eye-C is the finest portable video magnifier available, providing maximum image crispness without flickering. The best priced magnifier in its class.
aukey portable magnifier

Aukey Pocket-Sized Magnifier

  • The Aukey portable video magnifier offers 3 color modes: full color; black on white; white on black (reverse). It is handy and affordable!
senseview portable handheld magnifier

SenseView Portable Video Magnifier

  • The SenseView PORTABLE handheld video magnifier (CCTV) is one of the most popular reading magnifiers in the world for the visually impaired.
SenseView Light video magnifier

SenseView Portable Video Magnifier

  • SenseView LIGHT is the first and only portable video magnifier (CCTV) to integrate an AMOLED screen, a new type of screen technology which provides a higher brightness and more vivid image compared to LCD screen technology. Its clear, bright, high-contrast image has made SenseView LIGHT one of the most popular reading magnifiers for visually impaired people.
SenseView Duo Magnifier

SenseView Duo Video Magnifier

  • The SenseView DUO is a newly designed portable video magnifier (CCTV) for the visually impaired. To magnify text at either a short or long distance, all you need is the SenseView DUO.